Sam coping with two weeks of training courses – He did well! Getting teeth and a cold in the middle of the last course didn’t help. But we all survived.

A job for Jason – Jason got a job through an employment agency he’d used previously. He’s driving a forklift and his employers know about our plans to move in July.

$$$ for all we need in the next few months – One day this month we sat down and wrote an email expressing some to concerns to MAF about our finances at the moment. Especially as we need to pay a number of big costs such as for our roof to get fixed, medicals, dentist visits, new tyres for the car… During that week we had three people, who were unaware of this email drop by and give us money towards our expenses. We are so humbled that God prompts people to help us out. It makes me teary as i think of it! (Kim)

Our car to work well – No problems so far!

Raising financial support to head to Arnhem Land in July – God is slowly forming together a team of financial supporters who will allow us to serve with MAF in Arnhem Land. We have 17% of our needed support amount and know of several other people who will add to that amount.

$$$ to pay off a debt from Jason’s course – Praise God! We sent the last payment of money through today! We are thankful for those who contributed financially towards this.

Wisdom to know what to do with our house – An old friend of Jason’s will be studying the flight course at Coldstream from July this year. He and his family will rent our house from us. We have been able to talk to a real estate agent from our church about overseeing that process too.