We returned at midnight last night from Albury where we had the opportunity to speak in three of the church services at Albury Presbyterian Church. So for a little insight into some of our crazy days we thought we might share it with you.
5am – Sam starts grizzling.
6am – Sam is awake! We get him up and he has breakfast. Seeing as we’re awake at this early time, showers for Jason and Kim. More breakfast.
8.30 Arrive at church, set up MAF stand, organize Powerpoint to work on church computer. Our nephew walks the car park with Sam in the pram hoping for sleep to come quickly.
9.00 – Church starts. Kim pushes Sam in the pram over the bump in the carpet, with still no sleep in sight.
9.10 – Sam falls asleep FINALLY
9.15 – We share with the church a little about our lives, MAF and our future plans.
9.20 – Begin to enjoy the sermon
10.00 – Sam wakes up. Feed him quickly before the next service begins. Jason chats to people after the service. Check the PowerPoint for next service.
10.30 – The next church service begins.
10.45 – We leave Samuel with family members in the church hall while we go in to speak. Half way through our presentation I call hear him bellowing out his protests, as he notices Mum is missing. Finish presentation and go and rescue the babysitters from our grumpy son. Sam and Mike hang out playing with balls and rattles. Church finishes. We join in with them for a yummy lunch of soup and sandwiches, trying to sneak bites of food in between lulls in the conversation. Lots of people interested in MAF and Arnhem Land.
1 pm – Leave church with grumpy baby and lovely two nephews, to drive home via the monument, so that Sam falls asleep. Relaxing with family in front of the open fire. Cuddles for Sam and Aunty Mel.
2pm – Sam has lunch. Jason has a nap.
3.30pm – Kim has a nap. Sam is still grumpy. Jason goes for a walk with Sam in the pram to ensure Sam has another nap.
4.30 pm – Roast chicken and veggies for an early tea. Yummy dessert. Gee we’re spoilt!
5.00 – Rush around the house, collecting up all our belongings. Repack the car. Feed Sam.
5.30pm – Head off to night church.
6pm – Church starts. Sam is clingy and so we endeavour to do our presentation with Sam in our arms. Sam decides that grabbing our notes and blowing raspberries at the congregation are appropriate actions as we speak. Kim finishes her speaking part and sits down with Sam to remove some of the distraction.
7.30 – Church finishes and we chat to many people. Lots of kids watching the MAF movie and wanting to know lots of information about planes. They excitedly took MAF calendars home for their walls. Kim talked to several uni students answering their questions about how to do a mission trip or get involved in mission work, in between Sam vomiting on the floor and needing his nappy changed.
8pm – Our agreed departure time. Kim is still chatting to an enthusiastic female student interested in nursing and mission aviation, as Jason packs up the MAF goodies.
8.30pm – We drive out of the church car park heading for Melbourne.
11.58pm – Pull into our driveway, unload the car, feed Sam – goodnight world! Thanking God as we drift off to sleep for wonderful times with family, safe travels and the opportunity to talk with many people of various ages about God, missions and aeroplanes.
Added note: 3am Sam is awake and isn’t really interested in any more sleep. Kim is now fully awake too and sits at the computer writing this entry. 4.20 am Time for bed. Goodnight again.