Hi everyone! Well it’s time for another prayer/praise update with just over 2 weeks to D day (Departure day).
Praise Points from last month:
In our last prayer update we asked you to pray about….
Our financial support – We are so thankful that we are now at 37% of our support.

Sleep, energy and health – We have all had little colds, but nothing too severe considering the busyness of our lives recently. Samuel is going to bed amazingly well at 7pm without a fight. It has given us our evenings back and reduced a lot of stress. He is also sleeping well in his ‘portatent’ (like a portacot but a tent) when we stay with other people – this will be very welcome when it comes to the big drive up to Cairns.

Being good ambassadors of Christ as we visit different churches – In recent weeks we have visited a number of different churches to talk about our plans, ACMA and missions. We’ve had some great opportunities to talk to people at different churches about MAF and our future plans. We praise God for the churches that have given us the opportunity to share with their people. Three churches in Queensland have contacted us and want us to drop in and speak/meet them on our way up to Cairns too.

Wisdom for packing our belongings and planning our travels to Cairns and then Arnhem Land – We have 4 of our 8 barrels packed. Our house is gradually getting emptier as furniture and belongings disappear into other houses or into boxes.

Prayer points for this month:
1. The roads – Please pray that the road from Katherine into Arnhem Land will be open and useable for us to drive on in September. Rains have washed the road away in some parts of the track (See attached photo).

2. Work for Jason – Please pray for consistent work for me (Jason) between now and when I finish up next Wednesday. Work has been pretty up and down with some weeks requiring over time and other weeks requiring three days off, due to no work coming in. As I am only casual, I don’t get paid for any time off work. On the bright side, it has given me time to do things that have to been done sooner rather than later, making the end of June less stressful.

3. Visas – Two Dutch families and one British family that Jason trained with last year, and are hoping to work with us in Arnhem Land, are awaiting visas to return to Australia in time for the Orientation course in Cairns which starts on July 24th.

4. Good goodbyes – Our commissioning service will be held on the 26th of June at Canterbury Gardens Community Church (We’d love to see you there if you could make it.). We have started our last visits to places and final goodbyes to many people. Please pray that we would be able to end this season of our lives well.