Back in March we put this paragraph in our newsletter….
“Things to do before the end of June include: raising a team of financial and prayer supporters, packing up our belongings, storing the rest of our belongings, renting out our house; getting immunizations, equipping our car for Northern Territory, getting first aid certificates and much more…”

Now as the time to depart draws closer, with just 4 sleeps to go, it is helpful to stop and realise how much has been done.
Raising a team of financial and prayer supporters – Is still happening. Praise God for all those who pray for us and support us financially. Thank you also to people who bless us in other ways, like bringing us a meal, encouraging us with your words and hugs, or checking on us to see how we are.
Packing up our belongings – 7 barrels packed, 2 to go! yes we can take one more than we thought! Yipee!
Storing the rest of our belongings – still working on this one….
Renting out our house – our friends from Sydney who will live in our house today. It is great to have them here and as really helpful to use their belongings as we put ours into barrels and boxes.
Getting immunizations – done… we think!
Equipping our car for Northern Territory – roof rack bought, driving lights fixed, hmmmm i’m sure there’s more but Kim is writing this…. want more details, Jase is the one to ask 🙂
Getting first aid certificates – Jason did this last week and then went out and bought ltos of goodies so we have a complete first aid kit to take with us.
And much more… including dentist visits, doctors check ups, carpet steam cleaned, real estate agent talked to, a wonderful goodbye service from our church, lovely time spent with family and friends….
We are getting excited! We’re nearly ready to leave…