Biggendon to Maryborough is just a short drive….. funny how an hour and a half is now a short drive! Short in comparison to driving to Cairns I guess. So we stopped in at Hervey Bay to see the sights and walk along their 800 metre long pier. Sam loved it as he discovered that he could make his voice warble with the pram bumping over the planks of wood. Jason taught Sam how to chase the Ibis away from our lunch and then sam managed to get fresh Ibis poo all over his leg. In Maryborough Sam had his first taste of a real banana. Jason bought some as a treat as they are only $8.99 for a kilo here. We have seen them as high as $16.99 per kilo along the road. We thought $12 in Melbourne was bad! We were again blessed with a yummy diunner with some people from the church and we were able to introduce Sam to some pet geese at their house. Another animal he didn’t really care for! Off to speak at another church with lots of lovely interested people. A great night sleep in the pastor’s home, bacon and eggs for brekky and off on the road again. Today we have no end goal, we’re just seeing how far north we can go before Sam loses the plot or Jason falls asleep.  Oops forgot to mention that sam met some pet guniea pigs…but didn’t like them either! I think its safe to say at this stage we’re not expecting him to become a vet later in life.