Time for a catch up with Aunty Carol and Uncle Eugene for the weekend. Before getting to their place we met up with the staff at AMT – Australian Missionary Tidings) for morning tea  and the Powells for lunch. We navigated ourselves around Brisbane quite well with the use of the wonderful signs and Google maps. I discovered the awkwardness of unisex bathrooms – how odd is it to come out of the toilet cubicle to find a man washing his hands and another waiting to go in?

On Friday evening, Aunty Carol treated us to a yummy lamb roast… which Sam enjoyed in its pureed form for the next two days!

On Saturday, Jason’s cousins all came round to visit, so it was nice for me to meet them all for the first time. They are all really fun and have very cute kids. On Sunday, Lola and Jason’s great aunty Pat came to visit, so more yummy food and good conversations.

Playtime in the Wojciks back yard