On Sunday afternoon we headed south west for Toowoomba, the first of a three night run of visiting churches around QLD. We arrived at the Ruge’s house in the late afternoon with a grumpy Sam. He didn’t enjoy the car ride on this day for some reason. A quick change into church clothes and we were off following our hosts to church. We had been invited to speak at their Sunday evening cafe church / missions night service. As we set up our bit, the church was transformed into a café with tables and chairs all around. People put in their food orders as they arrive, then we had an opportunity to share a little of what we’re up to and then dinner is served and people chat over the meal. The food for the meal has been donated by church members and all the proceeds from the food sales is given to the speakers. We’d never seen such a program before, but it worked really well and has raised over $10,000 for missions over the last few years. We were able to meet up with the psychologist who analysed us for MAF which was really nice. Jonathan Dillion, the MAF State rep. for QLD also came along to support  us and meet the church.  We were really encouraged by our time chatting with him.

The next morning Jason was treated to a tour of our hosts’ honey factory. Yes, much to Jason’s delight we were staying with beekeppers and honey producers. They were really lovely people and we left with some of their honey to eat along the way…. And maybe for our time in Arnhem Land.