A lovely drive through mountains and forests brought us into Biggendon. A very cute country town with cool mountains in the diatnce. On this night we stayed at a farm house, with wonderful views. Jason took some time at dusk to take photos while I fed Sam sitting on the verandah watching the views. We discovered that Sam wasn’t too keen on the horse that lived at this farm. One whinnie from the horse and Sam was screaming!  After a lovely dinner with some folk from the church we headed to the church to meet some people and talk about MAF and our journey North. It is so humbling that people come out on a weeknight evening just to hear what we have to say. The people we meet have been so encouraging to us. One lady in this church gave us a patchwork mat that she had made. Apparently this is her way of blessing people, as each visitor to the church is given one. What a lovely idea! A nice souvenier of Biggendon.