Well the plan was to drive and see how far we got….. the answer was Sarina Beach and a total of more than 700 kilometres. We set off from Maryborough yesterday morning and reached Miriam Vale in time for Samuel’s feed and our lunch. We played in the park for awhile, ate, met fellow travelers and enjoyed the sunshine. About one o’clock we headed off again for Rockhampton arriving there in time for another feed for Samuel. We did a little grocery shopping, made some phone calls looking for a place to sleep and had an early picnic tea by the river. Then we were off again, Samuel snoozing as the kilometers went by. We got to our bed for the evening about 9.30.
As we head north we are noticing some changes around us… sugar cane, palm trees, and Queenslander houses are the obvious clues. Yesterday we appreciated the humor of the Queensland road sign makers… here we are travelling along in the middle of nowhere when a sign appears telling us that, “Trivia Games may save your life.” We thought it rather odd. A little while later another sign asked, “What is the floral emblem of Queensland?” We had no idea! But we did think of a few incorrect possibilities. The next sign gave us the answer…. The Cooktown orchid!
Or last night as we drove along in the middle of nowhere, a sign stated: Still a long way to go kids! Further along, another one: Are we there yet Dad? Then: Are we there yet, Mum? In all honesty we’re not sure why these signs are there but they certainly kept us amused.
Last night’s drive was a long and boring one. So we started counting kangaroos… along the trip we saw 13 live ones along the side of the road and lots of dead ones. We were very thankful that none of the roos ventured onto the road in front of our car.