Today we considered stopping at the Big Mango to take a tourist photo with Samuel. But he was asleep at the time we drove past so we kept on driving. This is becoming a reoccurring scenario for us as we travel north. So far Sam  has slept his way past the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, The Giant Prawn in Ballina, The Big Crab (maybe in Hervey Bay), The Big sheep in Goulburn and now Bowen’s Big Mango. The one tourist attraction he was awake for was the drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but he missed the moment as he was too interested in his toes at the time.

So tonight we find ourselves in Bowen, the home of the Big Mango, the film set from the movie Australia and some pretty gorgeous scenery as we discovered after a dusk drive. When we first arrived we were a bit dubious about our choice of town to stopover in. We are staying just near the Wangaratta Beach caravan park – fellow Victorians will understand why that sounds strange to us.

Sam had a bath in the shower base tonight. We had some plastic plates to wash after our picnic lunch so we threw them in the water with him. He thought he was the luckiest little man in the world – plastic containers in the bath! His favorite toys!

So its off to Townsville tomorrow morning. for us. We hope to arrive in Cairns on Saturday, thus ending Part One of our journey north as we’ll be there for about six weeks. It’s hard to believe that we’re almost there…