Had a great relaxing drive to Townsville on Friday (incidentally, the town was named after a guy named Robert Towns, so does not literally mean “town town”).  It was feeling more outbackish than any of the trip so far.  We saw camels, dead bush pigs as road kill, and a snake.  We drove next to a passenger train for quite some time and when we over took it the driver tooted us when saw us waving.  We realised we were just big kids afterall!
We stayed with a friend of Kim’s (Naomi Gardiner) in Townsville who kindly showed us some sights like the top of Castle Hill and The Strand where we had the best ice cream… for once I didn’t suffer “ice cream envy” (you know when after you buy your ice cream and you taste someone elses, you whish you had of bought that one… happens to me all the time).  Townsville has amazing landscape, the view from the top of Castle Hill was terrific, would have been better if it wern’t for the smoke from burning off.  We also were able to watch two fighter jets landing at the RAAF base from there… nice.

Racing the train