I wonder if you can remember the last time you started a new job or joined a new group of people. Did you feel overwhelmed by meeting what seems like 100 new people, trying to learn a new way of doing things, and attempting to remember just what all those abbreviations and terms actually mean?

I remember when I started teaching at Oxley College, I came home from my first day of orientation and cried. I was sure that I would never live up to their expectations. But now I can see how wrong I was. And in hindsight I know how much I loved working in that place and how much I learnt from the expectations and traditions the school has established.

Well, after two days of our orientation course, I am again feeling a little overwhelmed by the newness of everything. New people, vocabulary (like learning all the aviation terms and abbreviations Jason uses weren’t enough) and issues to consider are all swimming around in my head.  Some of the things we have been considering include… how MAF does things – leave forms, job descriptions and staff hierarchy; how to stay healthy in remote places, which includes being physically well, being a good spouse and parent and staying alive in your relationship with God; learning the language of those people we will be working with… and more.

A highlight of today was hearing one of the staff tell his experiences of life in MAF. I love stories! He told us of exciting flying stories and answers to prayer. Alongside some of his struggles and failures during those same years. I think we all appreciated his vulnerability and were greatly encouraged by how God chooses to use each one of us as we seek to follow and serve Him.