Week 1 of Orientation is over.  We are enjoying a lazy Saturday morning and wondering where we should drive to have a look at somewhere other than Tree Tops Lodge (or the supermarket for that matter).  Crystal Cascades sounds lovely, but then so does Lake Placid, Hmm, choices…

Sam is doing well in creche as long as he is awake.  This week we’ll put him to sleep in our unit rather than the room next door to a bunch of screaming kids – that doesn’t seem to be working well and Kim is missing out on more of the classes than she would like.  He is sleeping well at night though, last night he slept from 7pm to 7am, so we can’t complain.  It’s interesting to watch him interact with other kids around here.  He hasn’t had a lot of interaction with kids, so we like to ‘leave him to it’.

This week Jason signed away our lives… well at least 4 years of it;  a 4 year contract to work with MAF in Arnhem Land. It was quite a moment although I think he got more excited about the uniform he was given (See cheesy smile in photo).   The epaulettes(1) aren’t the ones he’ll be wearing, these were given to him when he got his Commercial licence.  MAF give ones that have their logo but no gold bars and are given to the pilots when they have been ‘checked out’ to fly solo.  We think the name badge will come later as well.

"I like my new uniform, mum".

The view from our window

Our "street"

(1) Kim suggested inserting the definition, so here it is: [Epaulettes: n, a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations.]