Well the two weeks of our MAF Orientation Course is complete! Sam enjoyed his time in child care and has discovered new levels of voice volume and new friends. Mum and Dad are boring in comparison to the constant movement and noise that comes from other kids.

This week Jason has started a week of ground school. Back in the classroom again but talking about flying and planes. He was pooped when he came home last night but still had lots of reading to do. Please pray that he will learn all that he needs to in this intensive week of preparation. Next week, Jason, Eric and Markus (two other MAF Pilots in training) will head to Mareeba (about 45 minutes away) to fly a GA8 each day.

Sam and I have been spending time around here – just the two of us for the first time in more than 6 weeks. Washing, cooking and playing toys took up most of our day yesterday. We also spent time with the other two families here at Treetops who went through Orientation with us. Sam was so excited to see other kids again. He had a great time eating sand in the playground.

Sam is learning lots of new tricks! He can climb up onto the single bed in our unit. He has learnt to go up and down stairs – usually without injury! He has also learnt that his voice has many more levels of volume than he previously knew existed. I pity our neighbours at times.

We have been seeing some of the sights of Cairns on our weekends. We visited Cairns Community Church on Sunday, explored the Esplanade on Sunday afternoon and some shops on Saturday. We’re really enjoying our time here.