Hotel time again. Now that Sam is feeling better both Jason and I have sore throats abd feel like we need to sleep for a week. Our compromise was to keep driving but take away the effort of putting up and taking down our camp. We crossed into NT yesterday morning and we noticed the speed limit increase to 130. Our car can’t cope with those kinda speeds. We have finished travelling west now… So its north today and we’ll see how far we can get. We made use of our Racv membership last night 🙂 as we locked our keys in the car. The keys are causing us problems on this trip. A few mornings ago we had just packed up the car and Jason went to start the car….when we remembered that the keys were still in the pocket of the tent. After a few seconds of panic as we DID NOT want to unpack it all to get them we realised the spare set were in the glove box. Phew! Maybe we should start wearing them around our necks.