In recent weeks we have noticed an abundance of new skills and abilities being shown by our son… we’ll share a few with you!

Sam says….

I can now walk about two metres without holding onto anything.

I can open drawers and cupboards to investigate the contents, I then like to remove the contents from their spot and chew on them.

I can say “Ta” when I am given things and when I really want something, like Mum’s hot drink.

I have learnt to point at everything I see, for a secret purpose that is only known to me.

I have learnt that Jiff makes great body paint. One day when mum and dad were distracted unpacking the car I found some and squeezed it all over myself and the carpet.

I continue to eat everything in sight. Mum and dad usually let me, except when the toilet, animal droppings or stones are being consumed.

I love drinking through a straw. It’s so much fun, until I squeeze the container too hard.

I am also really good at following my inbuilt clock to wake up at my chosen time. In Cairns this was 5.15 – 15 minutes before daddy had to get up. Now we’re in NT, and the time goes back half an hour I have been awaking to the world at 4.45. Mummy isn’t so happy about this particular gifting of mine.

Dad and Sam looking out over Nhulunbuy