You know you’ve married the right girl for missions when you experience the following conversation:
Kim: “There’s a cockroach in the fridge”
Jason: “In the fridge?”
Kim: “Yes, in the fridge”
Jason: “It is alive?”
Kim: “Yes.”
Jason: “Hmph.”
The above conversation all took place quite matter of factly with no screams or wincing in disgust. (Unlike the girl at the caravan park who sounded like she was being murdered in the toilets because a frog jumped out (or at least tried) while she was on it).
Don’t get me wrong though, our house is not run down or dirty in the least, in fact, it is only about 18 months old now. It’s really nice and spacious, the furniture is nice and newish and the kitchen is large (compared to ours in Croydon).  The back yard is large (compared to ours in Croydon) but sparsley populated with sand burrs (kinda like bindis on steroids), no walking out there in bare feet.  There is a little shed out the back which is larger than our former on in Croydon, and that’s nice too.
We spent this morning going through a short “welcome to MAF Arnhem Land” and where Sam got to meet his first baby kangaroo. (See photo).  It was about the first animal that he wasn’t afraid of.

Paul Woodington and his baby kangaroo

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking our car, blowing red dust off of almost everything that was in the car, and generally making the house an utter pig sty. It looks much better now though because Kim doesn’t know when to stop.  We still have 5 more barrels to unpack and are finding that they are a lot easier to unpack than to pack.  It is fun though, admiring your own packing skills as you pop open another lid.

Dining/Living room

The back porch