We’ve now been in Nhulunbuy for a week…. here’s some of the things we’ve done this week:

– Unpacked our barrels and all the boxes and bags stuffed into our car

– Attended orientation sessions about the hangar, culture and MAF

– Changed our licenses over to NT

– Had our car road worthied so we can change our rego over to NT

– Had dinner with two families

– Stocked our fridge and pantry … not sure we did a good job as we’ve been back three times since for forgotten items

– Tried to get Sam back into a normal sleeping routine. 4.45 am is NOT an appropriate wake up time 🙂

– Had some birthday celebrations for Samuel – including making a cake to celebrate with friends

– Clean the car, to ensure that every time we climb in or out of it we don’t get covered in red dust

– Visited the banana farm for some bananas and papayas

– Kim attended the Women’s Prayer retreat for MAF staff and wives

– Found a dryer at the town dump that works perfectly well – should be useful in the wet season

– Jason has been doing lots of preparing for flying – preparing maps, reading manuals, manuals and more manuals

– Jason also spent his first of four days in the MAF hangar on Thursday with the engineers, learning how to help maintain the planes

Tomorrow we’re off to church for the first time. Not sure what to expect… when we asked what time church started we got laughed at. The best we can figure out it is somewhere between 10.15 and 10.45…. we’ll see what happens…