As Jason and I chatted this morning, I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to do today… thankfully the answer was no, as today was a day of no productivity whatsoever. Today was our first day of no power, apparently a common occurrence up here. No power means no washing, ironing, baking, cooking or vacuuming. It also means no internet or fans. We live in a very electric house. I felt like I was in Ethiopia all over again.
It was with some sense of excitement that I pondered what our day might look like. So what can we do to fill in our day? Well, Sam and I took a wander outside and ended up spending a lot of the day with our neighbours (Katie, Jonte, Brielle and Milla). We inflated their wading pool and the kids amused themselves for ages with water and containers. Some of the local Yolgnu kids dropped by to jump on the trampoline, they said school had been cancelled due to no power. They had a great time, especially when the sprinkler was on. Katie and I chatted. The kids played. One of our local Yolgnu neighbours dropped in to ask about the power outage. She didn’t look very pleased by the thought of a day without power. Sam had two good naps, mum had one. Another neighbor dropped in to spend some time getting to know us which was a lovely treat. The kids played with chalk on the deck, ran up and down, ran through the sprinklers, ate lunch outside and laughed lots. I finished a book I’d been reading. Sam and I read stories and played with his new spinning top.
Throughout the day I was able to reflect upon how lovely it was just to stop and enjoy my surroundings. Spending the day outside I noticed the diversity of the bird calls and trees around us. We listened as an indigenous ceremony occurred not far from us, curious to know what it was all about. Snippets of conversations floated across the streets, words and phrases we’d like to understand. I loved being able to enjoy my son in whatever we decided to do, with no time pressures or to do list to distract me.
I know that every day can’t be like this – there is a definite time for washing, cooking and cleaning too. But I’m thankful for this day of enforced rest, a day to stop and enjoy those around me and my surroundings. Thanks God for this day without power.