Well my first week of ICUS (In Command Under Supervision) is over and it’s given me a good taste of what is to come.
My first flight was another body to transport from Elcho Island to Ski Beach (see photo). It was a much larger affair than the last body run I did and the family requested that we do an orbit over two homeland communities on the way to Ski Beach.
We flew into an airstrip (Birany Birany, pronounced “Brang Brang”) that had been closed for about 5 years (although it did open for a few weeks 2 years ago but was subsequently closed after heavy rain washed big ruts into the runway). The welcome we got from the kids was very encouraging, although the fact that we were freighting in food for an end of term school party might have had something to do with their enthusiasm also.
We picked up a family with a sick boy that was going to the clinic or hospital (not quite sure where they were going to take him).
We took two Doctors (not sure, didn’t ask) into a homeland community and picked them up in the afternoon after they had finished their work there.
It’s been a pretty big week for my ICUS, most days I’m home after 6:30-7:15pm. Yesterday, I worked 11 hours, flew 10 flights, 5.7 hrs in the air and transported 25 passengers. Needless to say, today is a good day for a well earned break.
Anyway, I’ll finish up with a few photos of this week.

A ceremony to get the body (in a coffin) onto the plane at Elcho Island

Myself and a bunch of very excitable kids (and a teacher) at the recently opened Birany Birany airstrip

Some of the cargo

Myself and some passengers at Dhalinbuy