As many of you know, I did my flying training last year. One part I really enjoyed was navigating on a cross country flight. But it was hard work. It wasn’t a matter of pointing the nose of the plane on the desired heading and in a couple of hours arriving overhead your destination. No, often the wind will be coming from a different direction or at a different speed than you allowed for. This will cause you to drift off track.
To stop this from happening, you are required by the regulations to “positively fix the aircrafts position at intervals not exceeding 30 mins.”
Now this fix may not be along the original track you intended to fly. If you have been blown off track, obtaining a fix will tell you where you are in relation to your intended track, which means you can then calculate what new heading you need to steer to regain your track.
All this is to stop ourselves becoming lost or uncertain of our position.
So as we gather together regularly each week to remember what God has done for us, we can look at is as a kind of spiritual “position fix”. It is easy to be blown off course by the winds of this life… difficult circumstances in life, distractions by things that don’t really matter, the voices of the world that defy the Christian message. And if we don’t positively fix our position in relation to Christ and what He has done for us regularly, we too will become “uncertain of our position”, and eventually may become truly “lost”. If we have been blown off course, we can always look back to the cross and remember that Jesus paid the debt that we owe for our sins. He did this willingly because of his love for each one of us.