If you’ve been our blog along our journey north you might remember that we’ve had some eventful moments with Sam and animals. He doesn’t particularly care for big dogs, horses or peacocks. Since we’ve been here in Yirrkala we’ve encountered a few more critters. We knew to be aware of crocodiles but we didn’t know about the birds, dogs, cats, geckos and spiders.

Last Sunday in church, two black dogs were in attendance. Quite peacefully I might add, until a noisy ute went past and the dogs started chasing it by running through the church barking loudly. It was a great way to make sure Sam stayed close during church, he wasn’t going too far with the dogs there.

We’ve also had cheeky birds stealing our bananas and others eating our grass.

We have a number of geckos that live behind curtains and furniture in our home. I had never realised how noisy their calls are. But we are used to them now and I almost never hear them during the night anymore. Our other housemates are an endless stream of ants that seem to like our cupboards and floor. Kim squishes them regularly with the mop and we have ant baits out but they are determined little critters.

Yesterday we had an inside day as a cat had decided that we were its new owners. If it was anywhere within Sam’s sight he would freak out and run to me. Needless to say you can’t do a whole lot of laundry under those conditions. Thankfully a kind person volunteered to adopt the cat which Jason named “Bones” and it has gone to live in Nhulunbuy. We hope it doesn’t make its way back here anytime soon.

Last night was the episode of the spider…. Jason hasn’t been feeling well for the last few days and decided to go to bed early. In the process of going to bed we noticed a spider the size of our hand on the ceiling above our bed. What to do? Spray it and risk it running away half dead? Smoosh it with the broom? Take it outside? Jason decided to go for the humane option and take it outside. However, the spider decided to take its chance and drop and run. So the spider hunt began. Was it under our bed? Behind our bed? In the stuff under our bed? We started a systematic search of the room. Kim finally found it sitting right next to where Jason’s head would be on the pillow. After a bit of whacking, bumping , spraying and crashing and more chasing … we were able to go to sleep in peace, knowing that the spider was no longer there to pester us as we slept.

MAF Orientation didn’t prepare us for this! 🙂