Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to say that we’d appreciate your prayers at this time.  We (Kim and I) have fallen sick this week. I’ve had 3 days off already and am not sure if I’ll be fit for work tomorrow either.  I have the flu, coupled with strange pains in the stomach which the Doctor thinks might be caused by an ulcer and has given me antibiotics for.  .
I only had 5 days of flying and was just getting into the flow of things, if I don’t go back to work tomorrow, I will then have a break of 6 days before I fly again. We were supposed to go to Elcho Island for a few days this week, but this is going to have to be put off to next week.
Kim got her sore throat yesterday and is feeling fluish today and we just hope and pray that it won’t be the same thing that I have.
The flu isn’t fun in hot weather… although it’s not a lot of fun in cold weather either, but at least you can snuggle up under the doona until you wake up sweating from your fever.
Sam seems to be doing okay apart from another 4 teeth popping up (but seems to be getting used to teething pain) and had to go to the Doctor last week for an ear ache, but that seems to be doing okay.
If you find yourself having to go to the Doctors a lot and buying lots of medication and can’t afford private health insurance, we suggest moving to a remote community, we haven’t had to spend a cent yet!