Hi all.  Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers (and comments).  I went back to work on Friday feeling about 90% better, and pretty much feeling 100% by the time I came home, so praise God for that.
Kim’s didn’t evolve into the flu like mine did, just a bad head cold that makes one feel miserable, although news just in… is feeling worse yet tonight.
Sam seems to be the strong one at the moment, which is a relief.
We are aiming to fly to Elcho Island on Monday and stay for two nights to get the feel for living in a community and experience the flight operations out of there (it’s a fairly busy set up they have there).  The terminal has a MAF check in counter and a Air North check in counter and at certain times of the day, can have up to about 100 people packed into the small terminal.  I’ve found that people are happy to go on your flight even if they have been booked onto a later flight – makes a dogs breakfast look quite neat, really.

I’ll leave you with a pic of Sam having fun pulling off pegs from his clothes.  They’re one of his favourite toys.  But he doesn’t press on the end to unlatch them, he just pulls them until they come loose, so you can imagine what happened when Daddy put one on his ear!

Fun with pegs