Sunday… a day off! So how do we fill a day off up here? Well, let’s see…

We started the day rejoicing at 6am, as Sam didn’t wake up earlier! He has had a tendency in recent weeks to wake up at 5am or 5.30am. So a 6am wake up was a great start to our day.

Kim and Sam made pancake batter and played with some new old toys we found at a garage sale yesterday, while Daddy had a sleep in. More playing, Nap time for Sam and then we were off to church.

Church seemed very full today. We made some new friends. Sam enjoyed waving at the cars going past the church building and clapping along with the singing. He also enjoyed eating broccoli and chicken schnitzel for his lunch. (Last night’s leftovers.)

Home again – lunch time. Then time for Sam to play in the water before Job family nap time. This afternoon when things got cooler (29 degrees ish) we headed down to a local beach that we hadn’t visited before. A little 4x4ing, stroll along the beach, Sam ate some sand, Kim watched for crocs and Jason found a dead crab.

Rocky Beach - where is the crocodile hiding in all that water?

Sam at the beach - not sure i like this sand!

Jason and the crab - lucky it was dead!

Home again… time for some cooking tea, playing with neighbours and fire lighting.

Jason is being like our neighbours and clearing the weeds from our backyard Yolngu style.

Tea cooked ready to serve. Skype call for Jason. Local teenage girl knocks on the door, she doesn’t want to be home by herself in the dark. Most of her extended family have gone to stay in one of the Homelands for some time, so it is just her and her grandma living in the house at the moment. Her grandma was out tonight and so she came over to visit. We had a drink, chatted and laughed at Sam’s antics together. Reheat tea – lucky stir fry reheats well. Off to bed for Sam. Computer time for Kim. Goodnight all.