What do you do on a dull Saturday night? Last night we headed off for our first visit to the Gove District Hospital. About tea time last night Kim started to scratch, with the exclamation, “I hate stupid mosquitoes!” The scratching continued, and continued and continued… till Jason had a closer look and discovered red splotches all over her legs and some forming on her arms.

We ran a cold bath and Kim sat in that to stop the crazy itching, while Jason googled different types of bites to find out what it might be. From the pictures it looked like hives… but we hadn’t eaten anything strange or new. We decided to call a friend up here who is a nurse and she suggested a hospital visit as she supported our theory of hives.

Jason went and got a neighbour to hang out with a sleeping Samuel and off we set. It was a very speedy and good visit to the hospital. They agreed that it was an allergic reaction to something, but what? Over night the antihistamine worked wonders and most of the welts disappeared and Kim slept really well. Today, there are still a few marks that looks like insect bites, but no big welts like yesterday.

We don’t have any answers about what caused this reaction… a new type of mango? the new shampoo i tried yesterday? bites of sandflies or some other creature? We’d value your prayers that we could work out what the reaction was caused by, as it wasn’t a pleasant experience.