It always amazes me just what Jason will say when i ask the traditional wifey question, “So how was your day?”

Yesterday was no exception. Reminding me just how diverse Jason’s days often are.

In the flow of conversation as the evening went on Jason told me about hearing AirForce One on the radio, that doesn’t happen every day! He then told me that we had been adopted into a Yolngu family yesterday in Banyalla (my attempt at spelling, probably wrong!). As he had several hours to kill, waiting for his passengers to return he spent that time talking to a few Yolngu guys in the town who decided to adopt us into their family. Jason’s name is now ‘baru’ meaning crocodile, I am the frilled neck lizard ‘maowa’ and Sam is the eagle ‘djet’. Being adopted allows other Yolngu people to know how to relate to us. We now have aunties and uncles and a place in the society of our aboriginal brothers and sisters.

Jason also told me about two Centrelink staff that he had flown the day before who commented that they were able to have a good nap during their flight. That must say something about Jason’s flying skills, must’ve been a smooth flight if the passengers can snooze!

Today Jason went to work in a change of clothes as he needed to start the day by removing all the seats out of the GA8 in order to transport two air conditioners to Millingimbi.  A task that invites a lot of sweat in 32 Degree weather and a confined space.  Another plane was taking the technicians who were needed to install the AC’s. I wonder what stories he’ll have to tell tonight…