Yesterday morning before Jason went to work he had the sudden urge to pack an overnight bag. For weeks we have been meaning to do this, but it hasn’t happened. But for some reason yesterday he really felt he should. You see as the rains and thunderstorms increase the likelihood of Jason getting stuck somewhere overnight with his plane also increases. Pilots most often will need to stay with another family, but the weather could also mean that they spend an unexpected night in a community or simply on a lonely airstrip in the plane. How do you prepare for such an event? For me it sort of felt like before Sam was born when we were trying to pack our hospital bags. What will we need? Other than salt and vinegar chips to keep Jason going, i had no idea what to include.

So, we rushed around throwing seemingly random things into a back pack that will now live in Jason’s plane with him. What did we include? Food (the type that won’t crush or go off – museli bars, tuna and crackers), a torch, a book, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, jocks, spare shirt, socks. We need to add some extra water and some bug spray soon.

We have also started receiving information about cyclone season and being prepared for that. So time for more lists… i’m currently working on my “evacuation list” …

We’d welcome your suggestions for what to put in our various lists… we’re very new at this.