Last weekend Jason and i passed the ultimate test of any marriage. It was one filled with much fear and trepidation, shaking hands, sweat and butterflies in the stomach.

What was this significant milestone in our marital life you ask? Hair colouring! 🙂

For a few weeks, i (Kim) had been noticing that my colour was growing out and that those little grey streaks were becoming more and more noticeable. So i decided it was time to do something about it. Faced with the possibility that in the near future we might be living far away from hairdressers, we decided to give it a try ourselves. I was a bit inspired by a family i knew in Ethiopia, where the wife had taught her hubby to cut hair, which ensured that wherever they were in the world, she could get the hair cut she wanted. Smart lady i thought.

Jason was willing, Sam was sleeping… so we gave it a go. I know many people have always dyed their own hair, but i never have. It always seemed too scarey for me. And my amazing husband not only coloured it but also offered to try cutting it too…goodbye split ends!
Here’s some pics! I may never go to a hairdresser again!

Don't i look glamorous?

Post haircut

The side view