Last weekend we had the MAF Christmas Dinner. This is one of two major events for the MAF family each year. All of the MAF staff in Arnhem Land come into town for the weekend, get billeted to the town families and its a chance for us all to spend time together and in this case, celebrate Christmas. We had two families stay with us at different times. The Purdeys stayed overnight which was wonderful to catch up. They studied with us at ACMA and their son is a week younger than Sam. Then the Beath family stayed for the weekend. We didn’t really know them and so it was great to spend time with them. As part of the town experience the Beath family were keen to visit Gove House, almost the closest thing to take away here. And in a Job family tradition, that started on ACMA safari, Jason polished off a bowl of Nutri Grain for dinner. He didn’t see the need for having his photo taken!

The idea of cereal for dinner was very appealling to our neighbour too!

The MAF Christmas party was held at a local club. Sam spent time playing with other kids. He loved his chips and nuggets. It was his latest night ever – 9.30pm and it took almost a week to get over it. When you are so far away from your family, its nice to know that you have another place to belong.