Merry Christmas from cold and wet Yirrkala!

Cold…. well, i guess that term is rather relative…its been 24 degrees today and we’ve felt a little chilly. A nice change from the 36 degree days in recent weeks. We seem to be getting lots of rain from the cyclone that is further west of us, it has rained and rained and rained for several days now.

We have had a lovely day! We discovered last night that one of the joys of parenthood is assembling toys and putting the stickers in the right places. Harder than you would think! We were able to share Christmas Eve with some friends, eating, enjoying candles and watching the carols.

Today we enjoyed seeing Sam discover his new toys. It amazes us though what he finds most interesting, boxes, a plastic well from his farm set and his lawn mower have been favorites this year. We were very blessed with some lovely care packages to open today, so we’ve been wearing reindeer ears, munching on yummy treats as we prepared for our Christmas dinner.

Eventhough we are far away from our families, we are thankful that we can use Skype to see and talk to them on this day. We have kept the internet busy, and our phones too, catching up with our families today which was lovely.

We had our Christmas dinner with three families that Jason did his flight training with in Melbourne, and the family we did our MAF training with in Cairns. There were 20 of us in all. It is such a blessing to have the Paas, Don and Valance Webb families finally up here. We asked you to pray for their visas in our prayer letters and now that’s all sorted out and they are here! They will all begin their flying in the new year. We not only shared learning to fly with these families, but we all had children around the same time too. So there were lots of toddlers around, when you can’t have your family here, old friends are the next best thing!

Sam is sleeping off his busy day right now, an overload of sugar and people and excitement has left him rather grumpy. Hope he wakes up happier. Tonight we will head to our neighbours, for a dinner of leftovers and spending time with more people.

Merry Christmas to you all. Love the reindeer Jobs.