For the last week Jason, like many of you,  has been on holidays! How did you spend your time off? Relaxing in the sun? Enjoying friends and family? This is the time of year when many people in MAF go home to be with family for Christmas, or venture out to visit escalators, department stores and fast food outlets. We are waiting a little longer to make that trip, so we’ve had a home holiday this time. So how have we filled our days? Well, let’s see….

A picnic in the park / beach with other MAF families

On the left is one of the air fields that Jason flies to. The red strip just behind the sign is the run way. No fences or security here!

A drive around the area finding some cool beaches we hadn’t seen before

We also found the barge and the port. This barge brings our food, mail, fuel, and lots more goodies into Nhulunbuy. It was fun to watch the cranes at work. To be honest i thought it was a much smaller boat! Not a container ship.


Jason dismantled and reconstructed our washing machine to fix a bad banging sound.

Quigley, our Landcruiser got a thorough cleaning

Christmas got packed away for another year

Books were read. Kim reading as fast as she could, as the book had scary bits that needed to be read before it got dark. Jason chuckling out loud at Anh Do’s biography.

The outside table got a scrubbing and the legs got flushed out as they contained nests of ants.

Grocery shopping.

Lots of story time, block building, car racing and digging in the sand with Sam.

Opening lots of packages that made Christmas last longer.

Waiting for the phone to ring as Jason has been ‘on call’ for several days in case of an emergency.

Kim went out for dinner with other MAF wives to celebrate Katie’s birthday.

Watching some of our new DVDs we were given for Christmas.

All in all, it sounds like a usual week at home anywhere in the world. Home jobs, enjoying being together as a family with lots of naps thrown in.