A small gift makes a difference – A MAF Article
One of the challenges all missionaries face is creating a greater awareness of the importance of missions. It can be hard for those distanced
from the mission environment to envision how to make a difference in one’s own communities, let alone on an overseas field.
Obeying the Great Commission, in one way or another, is a task missionaries cannot do alone. They need other people to support them with their prayers and finances. This kind of commitment is possible only when supporters share the passion and vision of the missionary workers, believing that God has called them to be involved in missions in this special way.
For one MAF family serving in Arnhem Land, the challenge of promoting missions within
their own church, family and friends started with thinking outside of the box, and ended
with a small yet simple plan to challenge children to be part of mission work.
The idea was to help children understand that although they live in another part of the
world, they can still make a big difference. They have been blessed so that they can bless
others. The challenge was given via video messages, posters and letters to Sunday school children to give up something that they owned and to donate it as a Christmas gift for the children in Arnhem Land.
Many stepped up to the challenge and hundreds of toys were donated and posted to the MAF family in time for Christmas. Various MAF staff, along with some Yolngu
people and children, got stuck into work, wrapping all the toys individually and categorizing them into boys’ and girls’ gifts. The toys were then taken on the MAF Christmas
Outreach into some of the Yolngu homelands.
The homeland children were told about the joy of sharing, giving and showing love – the message of Christmas. It was fascinating for the Aboriginal kids to hear that many children in a country across the other side of the world had thought about them and wanted to give them a precious gift because they cared. God hears their prayers and knows their needs. People, even those who don’t know them, pray for them.
As the gifts were received the older members of the homelands thanked the ministry team
for bringing a message of love and support from another country. This was shared with the
children who donated the gifts and thus they were able to rejoice for participating in
Everyone can be involved in the work of missions. That is not just a dream. That is a
reality. Small acts of love do make a huge difference.