The view from the deck

Our new home

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to fly down to Numbulwar to have a look at our new home. So with Jason as pilot and Sam and I as passengers, we headed off. We had a full plane load with us, a few boxes of our stuff, mail for the town and supplies for the medical clinic. The flight down was beautiful, aqua blue ocean, lots of little islands and Sam asleep in his car seat the whole way. This was the first time Sam and I had flown with Jason here in Arnhem Land so it was a new adventure for all of us. I had a spare head set so Jason and I could chat as we flew, which was hard to do as we needed to stop mid-sentence to listen out to radio messages from other planes. It was fun to follow along on the map and see all the different communities that Jason flies to on a daily basis.
Once in Numbulwar, we loaded our plane load of cargo into the MAF Landcruiser. Rachel, another MAF pilot stationed there also arrived in another plane. She had a big load of groceries for someone in town, so that went in the car too. Then we headed off to town. It’s only a short drive along the beach to the centre of Numbulwar. We discovered that our new home is right at the heart of town. On one side of us is the medical clinic, on the other side is the church. Across the road is the school and a little further along is the shop, the government offices (including the MAF office) and the police station. It will be great for Sam and I to be so close to everything.

Our new house has three bedrooms, nice wooden floors and a view of the beach. It’s a slightly odd layout, so I have spent the night trying to dream up ways to arrange all the furniture. There is a swing set in the yard which Sam will love. There is a fenced in garden with a shed and plenty of handyman projects for Jason.
It was so nice to see our new home. It was great to spend some time with Rachel and ask her more of our questions. She has only been there three months herself, so she’s a newbie too. The flight home was a bit more interesting, as we had to fly past a thunderstorm. Jason wasn’t at all bothered, but it freaked me out a little seeing lightning while in a small plane. It was a bit bumpy but not too bad. But I was glad when we had got past it. I tend to forget that this is what Jason does every day. And while he can look at a storm like that and see the beauty in it – I was a bit more nervous. It gave me another insight into what Jason does all day – flying, storm dodging, loading and unloading cargo, filling out paper work etc. And I think perhaps I gave Jase a little reminder of how some passengers feel about flying when there are storms around. Sam, well, he slept through the whole thing and only woke up when we landed.
So, for now we continue to pack, plan and prepare for our departure to Numbulwar. Jason has two and half weeks left at Laynha Aviation. And in that time we need to pack up and clean our house in order to move on the 24th of February. Photos are borrowed off Maria and Fabio’s website (the last family to live there) our photos are all on Jason’s phone (which is with him at work)….sorry! We’ll post some soon.