Our last week in Yirrkala was a busy whirlwind of farewells, packing and cleaning.

Sunday: Church for a baby baptism, Lunch with a MAF family and Tea with our neighbours.

Monday: Jason went to work (flying) and i packed and cooked a roast for dinner to share with another MAF family. Sam and i also looked after the gorgeous Brielle and Milla.


Tuesday: Jason’s last day working at Laynha. Kim….as above – packing cleaning etc.

Wednesday: Mums and little kids morning tea 













Thursday: Shopping day – off to Woolies to buy 5 weeks worth of food. We went through the checkout three times. 2 and a half trolleys full! More packing and cleaning. Dinner with the Koch family, who we trained with in Cairns. Phone call to say, we probably won’t leave as scheduled on Friday, as a backlog of passengers and cargo from today need to get there first. Bad weather had cancelled today’s flight.














Friday: Say goodbye to our neighbours as they go to the airport to move to Millingimbi, another MAF base. Kim wonders how to entertain Sam for a day at home with most toys packed. Neighbours borrow Sam for awhile so Kim can mop floors and clean the toilet – last things on the to do list. The afternoon is filled with bike riding, icy poles and cubby house fun.

We decide to splurge and go out for dinner with friends for our last night in town. What a treat…. it was a seafood all you can eat buffet. Yummmmmm! Jason tasted oysters for first time and wasn’t impressed. Sam loved the crab claw, not to eat, but as a toy! You can never predict what will entertain our boy!