Moving house with MAF means that your moving van is an aeroplane. Ours was MFI, a GA8 Airvan. We loaded up all our belongings into the plane. Each box, barrel, bucket and vacuum cleaner must be weighed to be put in the right spot. We are so thankful that Peter was there to help Jason load the plane. Kim had her hands full keeping Sam entertained in the waiting area, as he wanted to ‘help’ too.

It turned out (Praise God!) that an empty plane was going to Numbulwar that morning to pick up passengers. We were able to use that plane to transport more of our stuff. Yipee! Kim was also glad that he flew down first and could give us weather updates as we flew along. The weather was good, although there were storms in the area. Sam snoozed most of the hour and a bit flight.









Once we got here we unloaded all our goodies into the MAF trailer and brought them to our new home.







Sam was quite happy to munch on his lunch in the middle of the trailer as we loaded the goods.



And so the unpacking began… we haven’t taken photos of our house yet… we’ll do that tomorrow so you can see… stay tuned!