It’s been one of THOSE days and its only 1.40pm!

The day began with a bang and a crash as a storm partied on over the gulf at 5am. This of course woke up Sam, which allowed me (Kim) to see the cool lightning that was happening. Jason decided to go and take some photos of it, after lying there listening to the thunder for a few minutes. I tried to go back to sleep with no luck but it was nice to lie in bed till the alarm went off at 6am.

Showers, brekkie, made Jase’s lunch …all uneventful. Sam was in a good mood and I was psyching myself into a day of house cleaning and getting stuff done. For the last two mornings Sam and I have been to the local playgroup, so washing and cleaning was calling my name. Towels in the machine. Sheets off the bed… Jason forgot his phone. Call him at the office, go out to give it to him. He heads out to the airport to daily the plane and fly to Groote Eylandt. Make the bed again. Breakfast for Sam – turns sour with Wheetbix on the floor.  Second load of washing in – the cushion covers off the couch and chairs. Outside to put washing on the line, Sam disappears to watch the cars on the road. Mum has a very nervous moment until he is found. One barrel unpacked. Sam rides his bike down the driveway to the road in the other direction. Sam inside. Mum decides barrel unpacking can wait till Jason is home! Jason returns to Numbulwar and picks up a load of people who want to got to Ngukurr for a funeral.

Vacuuming time. Sam screams the whole time as he has a love hate relationship with this piece of technology. Lunch! Sam in bed. Message Jason to warn him that its REALLY windy here. Sit down to have a drink before a nap, when Sam comes trotting out of his bedroom, laughing at himself (and probably my facial expression). He has figured out how to climb out of his cot. Back to bed. Out again. Back to bed. Mum watches to growl whenever he tries to climb again. Mum thinks she won… no! Out again.

Meanwhile a storm hits! We have all the windows open, so everything on the east side of the house is wet – floors, curtains, computer, power cords, mats, chairs, our bed with its fresh new sheets, some clothes, tax file boxes… time to get the towels. Very grateful that I unpacked them all from the barrel this morning! Fans on high! Wonder how Jason is coping… call him and he’s heading home to change. Jase is drenched. He was tying down the plane in the rain and got soaked. New clothes for him. Sam in bed with some help from daddy. Quick drink and some lunch and off Jason goes to see if his passengers still want to fly this afternoon as things are looking a little clearer. Off to Ngukurr and Groote Eylandt again.

Kim sits and ponders the craziness of the day, eats a Tim Tam or two. Checks Facebook and wonders where the camera is. Did Jase get any good lightning shots this morning? Look around the house… it’s not in any of its usual places. Oh no! It’s out on the front porch still – WET! Time to disassemble the camera and dry it out on the table under the fan. It still works. Some cool lightning shots by the way!

And I so I sit here writing this, with a smile on my face and another Tim Tam in my hand… I’ve got to laugh or else I’d cry! Perhaps we need to redesign some of our furniture before the next rain storm! All my washing is probably wet again. I will need to remake the bed, but I’m not sure we have another set of dry sheets. What a day! I hope the rest of it is uneventful! Just in case it isn’t, I’m going to have a nap.