I wonder what habits you are CHOOSING to build into your lives? Just as many people choose to make changes in their lives at the start of a new year, we are using our move to change a few things around. I’m not writing this blog for anyone to praise our efforts, but rather I’m curious as to what habits you are deliberately forming.
When i studied at BCV i promised myself that i would have some time with God each morning where i would read my Bible and pray. I also vowed that i would not do any BCV work on a Sunday. Both of these habits were difficult to keep, but in hindisght i can see the good that came from them.

For the last two weeks we have been trying to form a couple of new habits.

Our prayer jars!
One afternoon as i was lying on the bed in Sam’s room to extend his nap, i had an idea. I pictured two jars with coloured cardboard inside, sitting on our dinner table.
One jar has all the names of our prayer supporters, financial supporters, family members and friends who receive our newsletters. The other jar has things about Numbulwar that we can pray for. Each evening at dinner we pull out two pieces of paper from each jar, talk about them over dinner and pray for them as we end our meal. We choose to do this because we needed a way to make sure we were praying for this town. Plus, we have been trying to remember to pray for people we know for awhile now and we kept forgetting. So we’re trying this method! We’ll see what happens….

Pizza, sermons and dessert!
The other habit we are choosing to form is our Sunday night activities. We enjoy attending the local church here, it gives us a chance to meet other believers and encourage them in their faith. Sam likes to play in the sand with the other kids. But as the sermons are in another language, the teaching will not be helping us for quite awhile yet. So we have decided that on Sunday nights Jason will make pizza (Kim’s night off cooking) and we’ll sit and listen to an online sermon. We’ve recently been listening to a series from Daniel from Albury Presbyterian Church (Jason’s brother in law’s church) and would highly reccomend them to you all.