I don’t often don’t think too much about the cargo that MAF carries on its planes. Of course i get excited when i know my mail or shopping is on its way… but i really hadn’t considered what other cargo gets transported, until it impacted me.

Yesterday i spent a few hours at the Numbulwar clinic trying to get some blood tests done. I use the term TRYING, not because of any problems with the staff, but because of my incredibly silly veins who always hide whenever needles appear. The nurses had several attempts, i went home and drank more and put hot face washers on my arms, and we tried again. One little vial filled, but not enough for the tests they wanted to do. I offered to come back the next day (Friday) but the nurse told me that wouldn’t be as good as the blood would have to sit and wait until Tuesday when the next MAF plane goes to Gove.

Suddenly i had a new understanding of how MAF serves this community of people. Every Tuesday and Thursday MAF transports supplies for the clinic here. Medications, medical equipment and pathology all come and go in the planes that Jase flies. The MAF plane yesterday afternoon took my little vial of blood off to Nhulunbuy, to then be put on a bigger plane to head to labs in NSW. This whole experience just gave me one more insight into how MAF serves the people of this town.