This week i had a visitor from Gove for lunch on Tuesday. She is a fellow pilot wife who was our next door neighbour in Yirrkala and seeing as her hubby was flying down here with some room to spare on his plane, she was able to come too.
For me it was lovely to have a visitor for a few hours and show off my home and our town. We showed her our house and our view. We caught up on each other’s news. And then wandered around town seeing the sights…. clinic, shop (which was shut), offices (including the MAF office), police station and church.
And as we chatted i realised how much more i am a part of what MAF does each day here in Numbulwar. And i love it! When we lived in Yirrkala, Jason would head off in the van to work each morning and return in the afternoon. I could see on the computer where he was going, but that was about all the contact we had.
In Numbulwar we hear each plane take off and land. Sam hears them and makes his plane noises to tell me there is a plane nearby. I have learnt how to make bookings on the computer, which was quite important while Jason was the only pilot flying here. I must admit though that as soon as i made the booking i sent a text message to Jason to check that i had done it correctly so he wouldn’t get into trouble. 🙂 People often come to the door and ask about possible flights or check if the plane is running late, which gives me a chance to meet more people.
I love what MAF does here in Arnhem Land and it is exciting for us to play a small part in it.