I haven’t got to know many people here in Numbulwar well yet… but one lady i have met is Mandy. She has several kids, is one of the ladies that runs playgroup at the school and is very involved in the church here. Mandy has a natural warmth and interest in people, one of those people you instantly feel comfortable with. A week or so after we arrived Mandy’s mum got sick and they went to Darwin for medical treatment. Unfortunately her mum died and the community here has been in mourning for several weeks out of respect for her.
It has taken several weeks for her funeral to happen as there are lots of arrangements to be made. We went to part of the church funeral yesterday and it was wonderful to hear tributes of a woman who loved her God, her family and her culture. This lady had been involved with teaching language and culture in the Numbulwar school to the younger generations. She would go to Bible study courses in Darwin to learn more about the Bible and her God. And she seemed to be a great mum to her children. I didn’t know this lady, but in her daughter i see many of those same attributes. It is not easy to be a follower of Christ in this community, the struggles with culture, language and family are very real for each believer. But i am continually being encouraged by the faithful men and women of God in these remote places who continue on in faith despite enormous pressures. Please pray for people like Mandy and her mum. Pray that we might be a source of encouragement to them and that God would use their lives as a testimony to many around them of His love.