Over the last few mornings we have had reason to be awake at about 4am! It is amusing and a little frustrating, to consider what our alarm clock will be each day!

This morning we woke to the sound of tyres screeching, people yelling and a car engine revving. Some local lads had got their car stuck in the sand below our house. So we lay in bed and listened as they tried various ways to budge the car. In the end another car was brought in to pull the first one out. And off we went back to sleep!

On Sunday morning, we awoke to the sound of our neighbours returning home from an all night concert. To celebrate the grand final for the local basketball tournament a number of bands were flown in to perform. This concert began in the early evening, crescendoed with some loud numbers at about 3am and then ended about 4, when everyone wandered home, with yells, laughter and dog barks.

On Saturday morning, we awoke with music blaring through our windows. Some local lads were listening to their music, amplified through a huge speaker, just next door to our house. I was amazed at just loud it was. Jason got dressed and went to investigate. The guys saw him coming and Jase was able to ask them to turn it down so he could sleep. He explained that as a pilot it was really important for him to sleep well at night and the guy with the stereo agreed so that a pilot asleep while flying wasn’t a good thing.

This blog is not intended to be a complaint about our neighbours…. but rather a reflection of just how cross cultural our lives are here. We are discovering that our neighbours live very differently to what we are used to. Our norm of going to bed at 9ish and up at 6ish (Sam is our morning alarm – Jase and i would happily sleep longer) is not the norm here. Families are often up till 2 or 3am and then sleep till late in the morning. Church in the evenings has much better attendance than Sunday mornings. Working out how we can fit into Numbulwar time, as a pilot, a toddler and a mum of a toddler is one of the challenges we are facing.