As we live here in Numbulwar, I feel like God is teaching me more about what MAF does and more about what my role here is to include. The weather here on Saturday was terrible. Jason had a flight heading South so he was able to complete that without too much difficulty. However, the weather between here and Nhulunbuy, to the North, was horrible. Very low cloud and lots of rain seemed to be everywhere. Sam and I quite enjoyed the coolness of the day. I wore my ugg boots. Sam enjoyed his long sleeves and socks, a novelty for him as he hasn’t worn either in a long time.

When Jason got home, he told me about a pilot from another airline he had met out at the airport who was stuck due to the weather. He had flown in earlier in the morning and was heading back to Nhulunbuy but had not been able to get through because of the weather. Jason had given him his mobile number with the offer of a bed for the night if he needed it.

Awhile later we heard a plane take off and fly over our house. We assumed that was the plane on its way home. But half an hour later we heard another plane go overhead, he had come back! Not long afterwards we got a phone call from that pilot asking if Jason could go and get him. So he did.

Living in a remote place like this, I decided to make up the bed in the spare room so that we were always prepared for guests. I guess I had assumed that these guests would be MAF pilots. I hadn’t really considered playing host to other pilots too. So the fried rice got a few more vegetables thrown in and a new toothbrush was found in the cupboard. At 6 foot 3ish – there was no way any of Jason’s clothes were going to fit him, so the poor guy couldn’t even change his clothes. We passed the evening very easily with lots of talk of aeroplanes, weather and the local area. So a fellow pilot was saved from spending an uncomfortable evening sleeping in his plane and I learnt a little more about what I can do to serve others here in Numbulwar.