Every Tuesday and Thursday the closed charter comes to Numbulwar. (On other days of the week it flies to other communities for the same purposes) This is a regular flight that occurs each week to provide services for our town. The plane aims to leave Nhulunbuy at about 9am to arrive here sometime after 10am.The passengers, Australia Post mail bags, boxes for the clinic (medications and pathology) and internal MAF mail (our letters and packages) are all unloaded and taken into town. We can also book a seat on these flights if we need or want to go to Gove for any reason.

Sometimes the pilot has additional flights booked in before he returns to Gove at 3pm, but not always. Every now and then the pilot has some down time, which means they can come and visit with us, have a coffee and a chat. If Jason isn’t flying he loves having another guy to talk aeroplanes and fishing with. Many of the pilots who are currently flying the closed charter flights are the guys Jason trained with in Coldstream, so it is a good chance for a catch up. Over the last few weeks there have been some vacancies on these flights which has meant that some of the pilot’s wives and kids have been able to come down for a visit and have lunch with us. This has been a big treat for us and we have loved showing people our new hometown.It has also made it possible for some of the wives to get a glimpse of what their husbands do each day and what a remote community actually looks like.

The closed charter is one more way that MAF is able to serve the people of Numbulwar. By providing regular transport and bringing in mail and other supplies MAF links this remote community with the rest of Australia. We LOVE Tuesdays and Thursdays!