The challenge of names…

I have been pondering in recent days the way that names change according to our location. When I began teaching, learning the names of my students was a challenge. There were just so many of them. Learning over one hundred names in the first week… was a challenge.
Fast forward a few years… and I find myself in Ethiopia again trying to learn the names of my students. Ethiopian names like Asegedech, Leuel, Bitania and Bezaliel were all new to me. But then there were the more unusual English names… Mama, Junior, TrueLove, Precious, and Bethlehem.
At Oxley, most of the names were more like what I was used to but the international students often picked unique names for their English names. GoGo, and First are two that stand out in my memory.
But I think the most challenging names to learn are those here in Numbulwar. Indigenous people often have several names. One of the names will be an English sounding name, which is what they tell me when I ask their name. Here’s a few of the names I have learnt by getting to know the kids who attend playgroup. Deshaun, Meralda, Trefina, Keshaun, Lattrell and Rexavier.