Just thought I’d write a little about our week…. it has been a challenging one! Wednesday night we spent most of the night changing Sam’s sheets and pjs as he had a vomiting gastro bug! 4am found us sitting on the couch watching ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, to save us from washing anymore bedding.

Thankfully, Jason had Thursday off, so we could all sleep and recover a little. More spew Thursday night from Sam. I (Kim) felt so disgusting on Friday that we made a quick visit to playgroup and then just after Sam went down for his nap, it was my turn for the spewing. Yuck! Haven’t chucked in ten years! Jason came home from work to take care of Sam so i could sleep. Rachel, our fellow pilot here was able to fly in Jason’s place on Saturday so he could look after us. …. Then wouldn’t you know it…. Jason got the FLU! Not sure how, but he got the aches and chills, sore throat etc so he’s been off work on Monday and Tuesday too.

He’s hoping to fly tomorrow (Wednesday)… if there are any flights booked. Tonight Sam has a high temp and is feeling a little grumpy so i wonder if he now has Jason’s flu. If you are a praying person, please pray for our health. It’s hard to be spending time with people and flying when you are contagious.

This weekend holds some excitement for us… on Thursday Jason heads up to Gove for two days of pilot meetings. A mini conference full of reminders about flying well. Pray that Jason will learn lots and be reminded of all those important things he needs to know. Sam and i will stay in Numbulwar for this time, which will be a challenge for us, i don’t like the solo parent role and am not so keen on being home alone at night either. But i need to get used to it!

Sam and i aren’t going with Jason as we will be heading to Darwin on Sunday for an Anglicare conference. I have been helping out with the playgroup here, which is funded through Anglicare, and they have asked me to come to their conference along with the other playgroup helpers and other staff from here in Numbulwar. The program for the conference looks exciting as it is all about promoting health and well being in Arnhem Land communities, including playgroups, health workers and schools. I’m not sure how things will go having Sam with me AND trying to listen and learn but i’m willing to try. I’m excited to go to Darwin…. it is the only capital city in Australia that I haven’t been to yet. But i’m also excited to meet the Anglicare staff and spend time with my playgroup buddies who will be there too.

Sam and i return on Wednesday morning. Thursday is my brithday! 🙂 Then Friday we head to Gove for our annual MAF staff conference, a long weekend of teaching, encouragement and spending time together.

So all in all it has been an exhausting and draining week with our illnesses and we have a super big week ahead of us. We are loving our life here in Numbulwar, even with all its challenges. We feel like we fit here which is wonderful, and such a God thing. But we would appreciate your prayers over the next week, with all that is happening.

And just a cute photo to end with….

It’s just a hat Dad! It makes a good cushion.

So it’s bee