I miss Numbulwar!

Another realisation I had this week, while enjoying life in Cairns, is that I am actually missing Numbulwar. I have found myself wondering about our friends at home. How are they? How did the church ladies dancing at the Christian convention go? How are Peter and Maritja? Did the ladies collect their Christian books and Dvds I ordered for them?

I miss belonging somewhere. When we walk around in Numbulwar people know us. We usually get a smile or hello from someone we know. Even more common is that someone will recognise Sam and call his name. I have missed that being in big cities like Melbourne, Shepparton or Cairns.

I miss the Numbulwar clinic. While we were in Melbourne, Sam got sick with a terrible sounding cough unlike any he’d had before so we decided to get it checked out at the doctor to be on the safe side. We got an appointment (because we were still on their records from a year ago), drove for 15 minutes, waited for 30 minutes to see the doctor. We found out that he had bronchitis and his ear infection from two weeks earlier had not totally healed, so more medicine was needed. So off to the chemist to buy the medicines and then home we go. Throughout this all I was really missing the Numbulwar clinic. I missed how close it was to our house, as  it is located next door to our house, just a  few minutes’ walk away. I missed that in Numbulwar we can see a nurse/doctor for free, and be given any medications needed … but you may have to wait awhile as you don’t make appointments.

I miss my home and we are looking forward to getting back there later this week.