Celebrating might be a bit of an overstatement… to be honest we didn’t realise the anniversary had passed until today… 2 days late! Oh well! Knowing that the anniversary of our arrival here has passed has set me pondering upon the year that’s been. A year where we have been blessed tremendously by God, MAF, and many friends and family. We have had many great joys: Jason begun work as a pilot after so many years of preparation, Samuel begins to walk and talk, financial and prayer support and encouragement from many people, a beautiful place to work, and Kim feeling very welcomed by the ladies of Numbulwar. It has also been a year of significant struggles as we learn to cope with frequent illnesses, amazing heat, a lack of sleep and seeing the challenges of our neighbour’s daily life.

Thank you! Thank you for reading our blogs. Thank you for encouraging us with your comments. We are so grateful that we can live in this little corner of the world with our indigenous brothers and sisters. And we are very aware that it is only through the prayers and financial support of you that we can be here. Thank you for partnering with us.

This year we experienced some significant firsts…..

A buffalo in the backyard

A gecko in the toaster

A church service where Jason was the only member of the congregation

Jason had to fly over the runway so that all the kids playing tennis on the runway would leave before he landed

Going fishing in our boat, with crocodiles in sight

Going shopping for 5, 8 or 12 weeks worth of food

Moving house using an aeroplane

Our first family trip in a small and large plane

Our first family visitors to AL – Mum and Jim come to stay