Some of the nicest treats we were given in our preparation for mission service were unexpected gifts of generosity. In preparing for the mission field you watch your money closely. So much of it is needed for necessities like medical checks, buying supplies of clothes, shoes etc, flights, and more that extravagant treats are often not even considered. But it is these very generous treats that I remember fondly as very important times in the season of preparation and change.

A day out – One family knew that we were heading to Cairns for our flight training, so offered to pay for us to visit a tourist destination there, that they had enjoyed on their holiday. To be honest, the cost of visiting this place was significant. We probably would not have gone there because of the cost if not for the gift of these friends. So because of their generosity we were able to spend a very enjoyable day together as a family, making great memories and feeling very lucky to have been given the opportunity to visit this place! A lovely oasis in a time of intense learning, change and general craziness.

A visit to the hairdresser – on another day, Jason received a phone call from a lady at our church asking if I would like a special trip the hairdresser. This lady wanted Jason to check that I wouldn’t be offended by her offer, but she was willing to pay for me to get my hair cut and coloured. To be honest this was something I needed to do, but in the busyness of packing, goodbyes and planning, it just hadn’t happened. It was a very generous and practical offer. It was also a great opportunity to talk with the staff at the hair salon about what we were about to do. You see the staff in the salon all knew the lady paying the bill very well, and they were very curious as to why she would pay for my pampering. What an opportunity to tell them about Arnhem Land, MAF and the God who loves us.