I have been thinking for awhile about writing a series of blogs about how to support people involved in missions. I hesitated because in many ways these ideas aren’t unique. I also don’t want people to think I’m writing this to gain more support, or presents or letters for ourselves. But in the last year we have come across some really unique and creative ideas that we wanted other people to know about.

It is important to remember too that these ideas aren’t just relevant for people in missions, as the Body of Christ we can be encouraging people around us in many of these ways all the time. But for us since we started on the journey towards serving with MAF we have been on the receiving end of some amazing blessings which we’d like to share with you.

When I came home from Ethiopia I was inspired with so many ideas of how the church can better support its members working overseas or in remote places. But to be honest study, work, marriage and a family slowly distracted me from that passion… I think I’m rediscovering it now.

Many of the ideas I want to write about all come back to one central idea…. Use what God has given you to bless others. Or as someone else has put it…. Use what you are blessed with, to bless others!